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Sonia Rinaldi, a Brazilian researcher, has been communicating with interdimensional beings and people living in the afterlife for several years. She has very clear recordings, hundreds of which are children on the other side speaking to their parents who are with Sonia. The parents all verify that the voices are their children.

Until recently, the recordings were all in Portuguese (Brazil's language). The team on the other side speaking with Sonia told her they were speaking from a "station" there. Sonia has been developing her connection with the Brazilian Station on the other side since 2001. As a result, she has very clear communications and is linking people with loved ones on the other side. She has done as many as 163 in a month. The sessions can have hundreds of individual statements from the loved one on the other side. However, they're in Portuguese. Sonia can get very few voices in English. Here are two examples of the voices she is recording that are in English:

  1. In the first recording, Sonia is doing a session for the mother of a little girl who has passed. The session had over 200 individual statements. In this recording, you'll hear Sonia first. Then you'll hear the little girl's response: Listen

  2. In the second recording, Sonia wanted to connect with my mother so we could play the connection at a conference we were preparing. My mother answers the question before it's asked. That is very common in these recordings. You'll hear my mother's voice first, then Sonia asking the question: Listen

In 2014, the Brazilian Station told Sonia they were establishing a North American station to speak in English to researchers here. We have been engaged in the research and are communicating successfully. However, it is a learning process for us and them in the station. We are practicing communicating and getting better at it. Recordings of some of these communications follow.

For these recordings, we have a microphone at a speaker recording the sounds coming from the speaker (the hardware). The sounds are syllables of voices with no words that we created. They sound like gibberish. Within the gibberish, a team from what we know is the North American Station on another dimension records words. The words are on the recording only. They don't come from the speakers. We ask questions using the same mic while the recording is going on. We play back the recording and hear the responses. So far, we have worked primarily on words and phrases. We ask them to repeat a word and they repeat it, either just before we ask them to repeat it or just after. We and they are perfecting the methods so they'll be able to communicate in full sentences.

As we at the Center refine the procedures for recording messages from people in spirit, we will make them freely available. Check back on this site for more instructions as they become available. These are the instructions for the recordings we are now doing: Instructions

We now have dozens of examples. We receive responses to virtually everything we ask. Below is a small sample. You will hear our experimenter, a male, ask a question or ask them to repeat a word, but it may be difficult to hear the voice of our experimenter because of the gibberish noise. Just before or just after the question, you'll hear the response from those in the North American station. The responses are still weak, but are improving. Within the next year, we expect to have the same strong, clear voices Sonia Rinaldi is receiving.

The experimenter asks "Are you available to communicate." The answer: "available" Download

The experimenter asks them to repeat "feline." The first response is before the question is asked. The second is right after the question is asked. The third comes after that. They have a sense of humor. You'll hear "cats." Download

The experimenter asks them to repeat "John Paul." The answer: "John Paul" Download

The experimenter asks them to repeat "John." We have been led to believe that John Lennon is on the team working with us on the other side. The answer: "John Lennon" Download

The experimenter asks them to repeat "Leslie." The answer: "Leslie" Download

The experimenter asks them if they are listening while we are talking about what to do with the experiment. The answer: "Listening," said twice Download

The experimenter asks them to repeat "Monty." We have been led to believe that the psychical researcher Montague Keen is on the team working with us on the other side. The answer: "Monty." Download

The experimenter asks Montague Keen if the background sounds will be beneficial for the recordings. Monty responds, "Positive." Download

Craig asks his mother, "Mom, are you around?" The answer: "I'm around." Download

The experimenter asks this: John, if you're there, can you say the word "boogie." The answer: "boogie" Download

The experimenter asks them to repeat "Helena." The answer: "Helena" Download














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