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North American Station Recordings


Sonia Rinaldi, a Brazilian researcher, has been communicating with interdimensional beings and people living in the afterlife for several years. She has very clear recordings, hundreds of which are children on the other side speaking to their parents who are with Sonia. The parents all verify that the voices are their children.

Until recently, the recordings were all in Portuguese (Brazil's language). The team on the other side speaking with Sonia told her they were speaking from a "station" there. Sonia has been developing her connection with the Brazilian Station on the other side since 2001. As a result, she has very clear communications and is linking people with loved ones on the other side. She has done as many as 163 in a month. The sessions can have hundreds of individual statements from the loved one on the other side. However, they're in Portuguese. Sonia can get very few voices in English. Here are two examples of the voices she is recording that are in English:

To listen to recordings Sonia has made, go to this link:














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